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‘It was not her time to go’

Minnkota's Troy Karlberg recently performed life-saving CPR on a woman at her granddaughter's wedding reception.

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Down to the wire

The grid reliability alarms are ringing. How is Minnkota Power Cooperative preparing?


Rollout of EPA rules threatens electric reliability, affordability

Minnkota Power Cooperative is voicing concern with final power plant rules from EPA.

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Supply chain reaction

Minnkota's Procurement team is finding creative solutions for post-pandemic prices and lead times.


Willow’s cup runneth over

A Wild Rice Electric Cooperative member-family is helping their teen’s mug business reach the boiling point.

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Powerful voices unite

Minnkota recognized the impact of its members, employees and partners during its 84th annual meeting on April 12.

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