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2023 rates projected to be stable for sixth straight year

Minnkota Power Cooperative will keep its wholesale electricity rates flat amid national and global economic instability.


Family, farming, and feeding carb cravings

Three Farm Daughters has created a pasta empire within Nodak Electric Cooperative’s rural footprint.

Our Power

Pecking disorder

A transmission line rebuilt by Minnkota Power Cooperative will be protected from woodpecker-caused challenges.

Our Power

A solid energy plan for a volatile winter

Minnkota’s cooperative members should prepare for the potential of increased demand response hours this season.


Minnkota and CoBank show concern for community

The CoBank Sharing Success program matches Minnkota's donations to local organizations.


Minnkota helps take ag safety on the road

Minnkota donates a truck to support North Dakota Safety initiative.

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