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Driving the dialogue on grid reliability

With grid challenges coming into focus, Minnkota leaders are working to chart a path forward.


Minnkota and CoBank team up to “Share Success”

Minnkota Power Cooperative and Square Butte Electric Cooperative donated $20,000 to local programs as a part of CoBank's matched giving program.


Successful sessions

Minnkota and its cooperative members are celebrating major energy legislation recently passed in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Our Power

Substation communication revolution

Minnkota's system-wide deployment of distribution automation technology is rapidly enhancing response and reliability.


Compton ready to answer the call

North Star Electric Cooperative’s new general manager is committed to transparency and accessibility.


From zero to EV

Auto dealers and co-ops are merging new models, more chargers and incentives to accelerate electric vehicle growth in the north.

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