Latest Posts

The healing lift of water

Minnkota’s Nelson Lake recently hosted the annual Escape to the Lake event, an opportunity for those with health challenges to try water skiing.


NRECA honors Minnkota for communications projects

Minnkota's communications team has earned two Spotlight on Excellence Awards for 2023 projects.

Our Power

Capturing magic in coal country

Glen Ullin’s Abrasives Inc. harnesses the benefits of Minnkota bottom ash in its signature blasting material.


Scaling up service

In the past year, Minnkota Power Cooperative acquired Great Plains Tower Services in an effort to keep its climbing technicians local.


Freeman Awards continue to inspire innovation

An ammonium nitrate project has won Minnkota's annual innovation competition at the University of North Dakota.


‘It was not her time to go’

Minnkota's Troy Karlberg recently performed life-saving CPR on a woman at her granddaughter's wedding reception.

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