General Questions

What is the purpose of the Minnkota Current?

The Minnkota Current was created in 2018 as a way to digitally communicate all of the news, technology developments, power projects and other initiatives taking place at Minnkota Power Cooperative. It is also a platform to share the warmer stories of our company, our cooperatives and our communities.

How are the Minnkota Current and Minnkota Messenger different?

The Minnkota Current communicates news online as it happens. Stories can be accessed immediately and shared digitally through social media, email or other web-based avenues. There is no print version of the Minnkota Current.

Minnkota Messenger is a print publication that is sent every two months to our members, community leaders, elected officials, employees and others in our service area and beyond. Messenger informs subscribers about the innovative steps our cooperative is taking to maintain and enhance safe, reliable and affordable power delivery to homes, schools, farms and businesses. It also tells the stories of how our members are using electricity to make their communities better. PDF versions of Minnkota Messenger can be found here.

Some news and feature stories can be found in both the Minnkota Current and Minnkota Messenger. The formation of the Current was Minnkota's way of bringing more immediate information to the public and to bridge the gap between print and digital content sharing.

Can I subscribe to the Minnkota Current?

At this time, Minnkota Current is not subscription-based, but this could change in the future. Stay tuned!


I'm a member of the media. Whom should I contact with questions about Minnkota Current stories?

For inquiries on these or other Minnkota-related news items, please contact Communications Manager Ben Fladhammer at 701-795-4282 or by email.

Are there usage rules for the content found on the Minnkota Current?

ā€¨Minnkota Power Cooperative's media policy is designed to ensure its logos, photos and images are used and referenced appropriately. The following are standards we request you follow when using our name, images, graphics and other resources.

  • We ask that reporters use our full name, Minnkota Power Cooperative, when making the first reference to our company.
  • You must obtain approval from Minnkota's communications department before you use our logo, photos or images. We reserve right to request all unauthorized uses of these items to be removed or changed at your expense.
  • Contractors, vendors and other business partners must request permission before using our name. They shall not use Minnkota's logo or name in any promotional materials, advertisement or other communications without prior written consent from Minnkota.