Our Power

Down to the wire

The grid reliability alarms are ringing. How is Minnkota Power Cooperative preparing?

Supply chain reaction

Minnkota's Procurement team is finding creative solutions for post-pandemic prices and lead times.

Powerful voices unite

Minnkota recognized the impact of its members, employees and partners during its 84th annual meeting on April 12.

Remaining reliable

Every year, Minnkota's crews work to keep our members and our region more reliable.

No time to freeze

Minnkota Power Cooperative and Cass County Electric Cooperative recently battled the effects of a rare Christmas ice storm.

The best stress test

Minnkota and its members had an opportunity to prepare for the worst during the national GridEx event.

Welcoming Walle

Minnkota’s new transmission substation will both fortify power reliability and support regional load growth.

The quest for continuous improvement

Minnkota hosted its first industry peer review in June, welcoming energy experts from across North America.

Energy for every season

Minnkota and its energy marketing team are prepared for the regional energy market’s new four-season approach to resource planning.

Teamwork at its height

Photos from a recent sky-high transmission project illustrate the challenges overcome by Minnkota’s dedicated line crews.

The full picture of reliability

Infrared camera technology serves an important role in Minnkota’s multipronged preventative maintenance plan.

Building a legacy

Minnkota's power production partner BNI coal commissioned the world's newest 757 dragline in Center, North Dakota.

Major outage insight

Minnkota’s Young Station team has successfully navigated another lengthy maintenance outage with planning and teamwork.

Pecking disorder

A transmission line rebuilt by Minnkota Power Cooperative will be protected from woodpecker-caused challenges.

A solid energy plan for a volatile winter

Minnkota’s cooperative members should prepare for the potential of increased demand response hours this season.

A bear of a line project

Minnkota’s Power Delivery crews need to overcome many challenges to complete work on a unique northern Minnesota landscape.

The wrath of the Red

Twenty-five years after the historic 1997 ice storm and flood, current Minnkota employees reflected on the natural disasters that tested the resilience of the cooperative.

‘Keep calm and outage on’

Milton R. Young Station employees have once again used a major planned outage to keep Unit 1 strong and reliable.

Reliable power for reliable packages

The FAR1 Amazon Fulfillment Center has become the latest Cass County Electric Cooperative member in a growing Fargo community.

Substation communication revolution

Minnkota's system-wide deployment of distribution automation technology is rapidly enhancing response and reliability.

Power over the market

Minnkota's energy marketers combined the cooperative's reliable resources and demand response program to avoid a cold-weather crisis.

One flight, endless opportunity

Minnkota Power Cooperative is reaching new heights with its LiDAR-based survey program.

Resiliency to improve reliability

With COVID-19 precautions in place, Minnkota crews have continued through a full docket of projects – and the work is paying off for members.

Congestion control

Demand response is key to managing rush hour on the region’s electric system.

Polar vortex reflections

Many regional energy entities learned lessons from the cold weather Maximum Generation Event of January 2019.

Power of coal-laboration

Minnkota and BNI Coal have been building a stronger relationship around optimizing plant and mine practices – and it’s paying off.

All in for the outage

Milton R. Young Station leaders leverage team coordination and adaptability for safe and successful planned outages.

Power delivery crews finish rebuild projects

Minnkota's crews dodged rain and cold this fall to bring life to more modern substations and transmission lines.

Rebuilding for reliability

As Minnkota’s blink outage efforts wind down, line rebuild projects ramp up.

Blink outage mitigation a success

Minnkota data results show blink outages have declined dramatically over hundreds of miles of treated line.

Making our grid smarter

A major Minnkota distribution automation project aims to improve outage response and communication with member-owners.

Minnkota completes Fargo power upgrades

Minnkota Power Cooperative has wrapped up a major conversion project to prepare for the heightened electricity needs of the Fargo-West Fargo community.

Working on the beautiful Angle

The Northwest Angle is vast and scenic, but Minnkota crews sometimes find challenges in providing services to the northernmost point in the contiguous U.S.

Line freeze expertise

During ice events, Minnkota leverages engineering, muscle and teamwork to keep the power on for its members.