Minnkota Jeans Day Fund gives big on Giving Hearts Day

Minnkota's Grand Forks employees used an annual February giving event to make their donations dollars go further.


Kaylee Cusack


February 11, 2021

Minnkota’s employee Jeans Day Fund took advantage of the generous giving match of Giving Hearts Day by donating to four organizations that support mental health and the region’s youth.

The committee chose the following causes to receive $250 each, which will be matched to $500 by Giving Hearts Day sponsors:

Minnkota employees donate toward the Jeans Day Fund for the privilege of wearing jeans on Fridays and during other times throughout the year. More than $62,000 has been raised through the program in the last decade for nonprofits and others in need.

Giving Hearts Day is an annual 24-hour giving event that supports charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Last year alone, Giving Hearts Day raised more than $19 million in donations for the regional causes involved. To learn more or to donate, go to

Main image: Minnkota's Jeans Day committee displays a $1,000 collective donation to four regional causes.


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