Wild Rice Electric Cooperative

Our Power

Remaining reliable

Every year, Minnkota's crews work to keep our members and our region more reliable.


Faster than fast, quicker than quick

Minnkota's Ford F-150 Lightning is turning co-op employees and members into EV advocates.


Rounding up for their communities

Minnkota members have provided nearly $7.9 million to charitable causes through Operation Round Up®.


From 10-gallon hats to 10,000 lakes

Texas native Mike Wade is bringing his vast industry experience to Wild Rice Electric Cooperative as their new CEO.


A circle of benefits from Minnesota milk

State-of-the-art Waukon Dairy is producing gallons of opportunity in Wild Rice Electric Cooperative territory.


Dolan to lead Wild Rice Electric

Wild Rice Electric Cooperative’s new CEO brings more than two decades of co-op experience.


A legacy of loyalty

Wild Rice Electric Cooperative CEO Steve Haaven has retired after 47 years of service to members.


Cooperative blood

Retirement isn’t the end of the electric line for the Thronson family, as three sons carry on the cooperative tradition.


Co-op values conquer COVID-19

Minnkota’s member cooperatives used their resources and ingenuity to safely and effectively serve their communities through the pandemic.

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