Minnkota produces Project Tundra video

Minnkota has released a new 12-minute video that tells the story of its carbon capture initiative, Project Tundra.


Kaylee Cusack


March 23, 2021

Minnkota’s communications department has produced an engaging informational video to explain the science, technology and economics behind the cooperative's carbon capture initiative, as well as the project’s potential impacts on the region and societies around the world.

“Project Tundra: Capturing Our Energy Future” is a 12-minute journey through all areas of the endeavor, as told by the leaders and experts involved in the project. A 6-minute version of the video is also available.

“It is our hope that this video effectively tells the story of Project Tundra and how lives will be positively impacted by its success," said Ben Fladhammer, Minnkota communications manager. "We want people to know that this energy project goes beyond keeping electricity reliable, affordable and responsible in our own backyards. Reducing emissions is a global effort, and Minnkota has an opportunity to advance carbon capture technology for everyone."

Both versions of the video can be seen below. If Minnkota moves forward with the project (now in the advanced research and design phase), construction could begin as early as 2022. Follow the latest on Project Tundra at or the Project Tundra Facebook page.


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