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No time to freeze

Minnkota Power Cooperative and Cass County Electric Cooperative recently battled the effects of a rare Christmas ice storm.


Minnkota crews respond to Christmas ice storm damage

More than 50 transmission line poles are downed or damaged in southeastern North Dakota following a destructive ice storm.

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Welcoming Walle

Minnkota’s new transmission substation will both fortify power reliability and support regional load growth.

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The quest for continuous improvement

Minnkota hosted its first industry peer review in June, welcoming energy experts from across North America.

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Teamwork at its height

Photos from a recent sky-high transmission project illustrate the challenges overcome by Minnkota’s dedicated line crews.

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The full picture of reliability

Infrared camera technology serves an important role in Minnkota’s multipronged preventative maintenance plan.

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Pecking disorder

A transmission line rebuilt by Minnkota Power Cooperative will be protected from woodpecker-caused challenges.


The Digi-Key difference

A major facility expansion will allow an electronics distribution company to thrive within its rural Minnesota community.

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Reliable power for reliable packages

The FAR1 Amazon Fulfillment Center has become the latest Cass County Electric Cooperative member in a growing Fargo community.

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Substation communication revolution

Minnkota's system-wide deployment of distribution automation technology is rapidly enhancing response and reliability.


Minnkota board approves 2021 budget

Average wholesale rates are projected to remain stable as Minnkota’s rate structure change is implemented.

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One flight, endless opportunity

Minnkota Power Cooperative is reaching new heights with its LiDAR-based survey program.

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Resiliency to improve reliability

With COVID-19 precautions in place, Minnkota crews have continued through a full docket of projects – and the work is paying off for members.


Substation creation transformation

3D design software is giving Minnkota opportunities for more efficient engineering and construction.

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Power delivery crews finish rebuild projects

Minnkota's crews dodged rain and cold this fall to bring life to more modern substations and transmission lines.

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Making our grid smarter

A major Minnkota distribution automation project aims to improve outage response and communication with member-owners.

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Minnkota completes Fargo power upgrades

Minnkota Power Cooperative has wrapped up a major conversion project to prepare for the heightened electricity needs of the Fargo-West Fargo community.

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